Carmen Electra was bored man

The marriage lasted for almost 3 years between Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro and her husband might have left its mark too deep inside the seductive actress this. Carmen Electra seems to have tired of men list. Baywatch actress ?? ?? broke up with Dave Navarro guitar ever since last July after three years of happiness. Although loneliness was now rule the soul, but Electra has not yet wish to search for a new romance.

Carmen Electra da chan dan ong

Carmen told Us Weekly magazine: “I do not want to rush. I just wanted to have some quiet time to myself. But it’s hard to do that. When you feel lonely, you want to grab higher someone to fill the void, but then you realize that I went back to the old way. So I want to think more about what they have experienced. ??

Carmen Electra da chan dan ong

34 years old actress also confirmed that she and Navarro still have a good friendship since the split. ?? We are good friends. I have no regrets about that. When things can not retain the friendship is still amazing ??

Carmen Electra da chan dan ong

Carmen Electra and goals now is to take care of yourself and enjoy the days of freedom: “It is a pleasure for me to have more time for friends. We enjoy together the pleasures of shopping and dance as before ??

Carmen Electra was bored man

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