The 10 most expensive breast lift of the stars

Angelina Jolie topped $ 40,000 to recreate the first round.


Salma Hayek: The sexy actress has spent about $ 10,000 to raise her size for the first round, which is not bad from cup C to cup D. The result is perfect, she is still in the top three of her character. Beautiful breasts of Hollywood.


Carmen Electra: Also spent $ 10 thousand, Carmen has raised the size from cup 32B to D. So she appeared four consecutive years on the Playboy cover.


Nicole Kidman: Flat chest of less attractive, Australian swan has spent up to 15 thousand dollars to upgrade the chest.


Kelly Rowland admits she has dreamed of breast augmentation since she was 16. But until 2007 she made this wish come true with 15 thousand dollars.


Kate Hudson possesses very modest breasts. She then decided to give herself a 31st birthday gift worth $ 15,000, a modest breast padded bag, to help her breasts look full and natural.


Denise Richards: With $ 25,000, the beautiful woman has undergone three breast surgeries, one sizeable at 19 years old, the second one withdrew her backpack by saying it was too big. She was confident in the size of round 1.


Heidi Montag, on the other hand, also regularly raised her size for the first round. With the amount up to $ 30,000, she increased her size from cup A to cup D, however she was forced to withdraw later. It’s too big


Anna Nicole Smith, after being diagnosed with photo-imaging, decided to spend $ 33,000 on two successive implants to help her breasts grow.


Pamela Anderson: In 1990, Pamela started breast implants, and after 9 years she retracted her luggage. Later in 2004, Pamela performed a third trimester with an oversized one.


Angelina Jolie was not thinking of upgrading to Round 1 until she performed cancer tests, had her breast removed and performed round 1 reconstructive surgery. The cost of the treatment was up to $ 40 thousand.

The 10 most expensive breast lift of the stars

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